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Asbestos Facts

What is it and how is it used?

Asbestos is a naturally occurring geological mineral in certain rocks that until recently was mined worldwide.  It has amazing characteristics (thermal & electrical insulation, noise absorber, very durable, but it has a dark side when humans are exposed.  Asbestos has been mostly used in construction building materials: insulation, vinyl flooring, ceiling and wall texture, adhesives, caulks, roofing, fire proofing, elevator brakes, etc.  Buildings and residences constructed prior to 1980 are most likely to have asbestos-containing building materials.

Potential Health Hazards

Most health concerns are in buildings.  Asbestos can only enter the body through the nose and mouth.  To be a health hazard to us, it must be friable (crushable), releasing fibers into the air, and breathed in or swallowed.  Asbestos fibers are extremely small, very sharp, and can be breathed into our lungs and stuck there.  If exposure is sufficient, asbestos can cause lung cancer, asbestosis, mesothelioma, and other cancers.  It can take 10 to 40 years from first exposure for the cancer to form.

A nonsmoking asbestos worker is 10 X more likely to get lung cancer that a nonsmoking, non-asbestos worker in the United States.  A smoker exposed to asbestos (asbestos worker) is 50 X to 90X more likely to contract lung cancer than nonsmokers, non-asbestos workers.  Smoking and exposure to asbestos is a very dangerous combination.

Medical studies have shown that the higher exposure to asbestos, the greater the likelihood of lung cancer.  EPA research has shown that there is no safe level of asbestos exposure.

State and federal agencies have created laws and regulations to minimize the risks for workers and building occupants from dangerous levels of asbestos exposure.  These EPA/OSHA regulations create safe standards for working around or with asbestos-containing building materials (ACMs).

There are three types of asbestos abatement (gross removal, encapsulation, enclosure) which safely keep people from exposure to asbestos building materials.  But first, you have to know if you have asbestos where you live or work.  Testing for asbestos is inexpensive, and it is the only way to find out if you have asbestos in your building.  

Local, state, and federal regulations require testing for asbestos before renovation or demolition.  These activities can create large amounts of airborne asbestos fibers that must be controlled for safe working and living conditions.  Orion conducts air monitoring to ensure safe working and living environments during and after asbestos abatement.

If your home or building was built prior to 1980, there is a high likelihood that you have asbestos building materials.  Prior to any remodeling or renovation (small or large), have your home/business tested for asbestos.  This ensures asbestos-safe working conditions during and after abatement and compliance with local, state, and federal asbestos requirements.  Post-abatement air monitoring ensures asbestos-safe living/working conditions for your family and workers.

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